Tips to Choose the Best Location For New WiFi Extender

Lag-free internet is all we want for seeking information, enjoying multimedia, completing work, and doing a lot more. But, what if you face slow or lost internet connection? Well, worry not! Setting up a new WiFi extender can make it easy for you to stream, surf, and game like a pro, however you need to choose an ideal location for the extender for its optimal use and performance. Here, we’ll shed light on where to place your new extender for making the most of your WiFi.

Where to Place Your New WiFi Extender for the Speedier Internet

Have a nudge on the tips below and try to choose the best location for your device before you give the Netgear extender setup process a run.

Do not hide the extender in a corner

Many of us want to place our extender in an unseen location so that no one can see it — to some, it hampers the interior of course, but this is not a good idea. Extenders by taking the WiFi signals from a router sends them to all directions. But, if you place it in a corner of a room, a significant ration of WiFi signals is being sent outside your home, which you surely don’t want. Thus, it is best to not hide your new WiFi extender in a corner, instead move it to a central area of your home.

Stave off walls

Thick walls make it difficult for your WiFi device to pass signals from room to room, because walls absorb WiFi signal and will bring down the quality of your broadband, making it work at a snail’s pace. Try to place your extender near open doorways as this will permit your WiFi signals to travel to your entire home.

Do not locate your extender in the kitchen

The kitchen is usually overflowing with metal appliances like pots, pans, silverware. And for your information, metal can disperse radio waves, making you experience slow internet. Similarly, microwaves or refrigerators in use can disrupt the internet connection. All in all, it can be said that an extender placed in a kitchen can give only a disrupted WiFi experience.

Avoid reflexive surfaces

It may sound freaky, but reflexive surfaces are also degrading the overall performance of a WiFi extender. If you place your extender next to a fish tank or mirror, it is likely to have a negative impact on the stability of your device. So, while selecting a location for your new WiFi extender, keep in mind to avoid putting it closer to reflexive surfaces like fish tanks, mirrors, glasses, etc.

Place it on a higher surface

If nothing is feasible to you like keeping your range extender away from walls and reflexive surfaces, then placing the extender on a high shelf or mounting it as high as you can on a wall will help you make the most of your WiFi device.

Strategically position the antennas of the extender

Many Netgear extenders – especially older models – supports adjustable antennas. It’s recommended to change the angle of these antennas to get the best signal reception. As a general rule, if you’ve located your extender on a higher floor, it’s best to turn the antennas of the extender sideways, and if the device is placed on the land area, it is suggested to turn its antennas in an upward direction.

Just in case even after locating your extender at the right location, your Netgear WiFi Extender is Not Working as expected, click here to know how to resolve the issue.

Assuming that you have optimally placed your new WiFi extender, as per the tips given above, and you have fixed all the interference causing things you may need to keep in mind while installing a range extender. WiFi extenders are outstanding devices to get WiFi signals in all areas of your space, especially if you own a large property. However, It is essential to install a new WiFi extender in a place where it finds a strong signal from the main WiFi router, else you will simply be broadening a weak signal.